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Here's what the critics are saying!

“The hourlong program is a feast of kitschy archival footage and telling interviews with veteran Tupperware ladies. It's also a revealing glimpse into the 1950s.”
- Renee Enna, Chicago Tribune (Feb 4, 2004)

“Behind every burping bowl, there's a story. But who knew Tupperware had such a rich history?... Until now, the Tupperware story was long forgotten, sealed as tight as one of the company's trademark containers.”
- Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Feb 8, 2004)

Tupperware! ranks as must-see TV.”
- Hal Boedeker, Orlando Sentinel (Feb 8, 2004)

“Kahn-Leavitt is never condescending to her subject; even the strangest, silliest old footage comes across with dignity. Tupperware Š as strange as it sounds Š changed lives, and this fine tribute is touching, inspiring, and not in the least plastic.”
- Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times (Feb 9, 2004)

Tupperware! takes us on a fun, often funny ride through the optimism and opportunity of the 1950s. You'll wish the Super8 footage would just keep rolling. ”
- TV Guide (Feb 7-13, 2004)

“Ms. Kahn-Leavitt deftly balances nostalgia, humor, and appreciation without being saccharine or patronizing the women who cast off their traditional roles and made new lives for themselves. Viewers who tune in will, like me, be in for a treat. ”
- The Wall Street Journal (Feb 6, 2004)

“It is a tale of intrigue, invention, power, and money …the film rolls with the good times, capturing the camaraderie and festivities… ”
- Carol Vogel, The New York Times (Feb 8, 2004)

“In Tupperware! Laurie Kahn-Leavitt has examined the seemingly pedestrian world of these plastic containers and discovered a rich and colorful history, elevating the story of the bowls that burped into a documentary work of art. ”
- The Boston Globe (Feb 5, 2004)

“The new documentary reveals much more than plastic trivia as it tears down stereotypes of women in the 1950s...(Brownie) Wise led troops of women on the path of entrepreneurship, training them to host Tupperware parties in living rooms across postwar America during a time when women had few economic choices.”
- Aiden Fitzgerald, The Boston Sunday Herald

“(Kahn-Leavitt’s) cheerful yet nuanced documentary provides…a remarkably perceptive narrative on emerging American businesswomen in 1950s America. By becoming risk-taking entrepreneurs, they remade themselves and helped transform the commercial and social landscape around them.…(The film’s) tone is gracefully balanced and deftly edited. What could have been an exercise in kitschy nostalgia is instead a nimble overview of a burgeoning feminism as experienced by two gifted but eccentric individuals. There’s a provocative subtext that stays with you.”
- Russ Barker, South End News

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